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Anna Norén

Creating stories with color and shapes

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  • 6-26 of June, Café Startboxen, Täby
  • 2-16th of September, Galleri St Erik, Stockholm
  • 16th of September – 15th of October, J’s Blomsterhandel, Nacka
  • 1-30th of November, Tyresö Slottskrog, Tyresö

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Life Ahead
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My creation process

Jag skapar berättelser med färg och form. Berättelserna tar form allt eftersom färgen läggs på duken. Det är en intuitiv process där mina känslor och min själ får ett stort utrymme i processen.

A painting can take more than a year to create and change expression more than ten times before it finds it right story. I paint layer on layer on layer and varies the techniques and materials. Every painting starts with a layer of intuative writing. I write directly from my heart the the lyrics are often very intimite. The text is then sealed with color and other materials, but will always remain as a hidden letter in the bottom of the painting.

Just as I see my story in the painting my semi abstract artwork leaves room for the viewer to see their story in it. Maybe it is similar to mine, maybe you see something else?

Anna paints the artwork Life (sold)
Glue on the painting Hidden Gems in an early stage.
The view from one of my favorite places, my parents country house.

My artwork is inspired by all the small things that moves me. It can be a strong memory, something that happend in our society or my love to something or someone. What all my inspiration has in common is that it is anchored in my feelings; A flower that is beautiful a hot summer day, anchored in happiness. Anger or sadness over news from our world. Holding my newborn daughter and feel the limitless love you can only feel to your child.

Since my artwork is anchored in my emotions the pieces look very different. That is exactly what makes my art unique and speciell. Every painting has its own story and it is unique.


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