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Size: 30×21 cm
Mixed Media
Layers: 34
Materials: Book pages, posca pen, acrylic, oil pastelles, inc

Unknown is a serie of total 9 paintings made on 250 g aquarelle paper in size A4, done with an intuitive process. It’s baseline is 4 different colors and a lot of playfulness with different materials.

The materials used in the artworks is mixed media and part of it is Swedish book pages, high end acrylic color, fabric, glue, posca pens, oil pastels and ink. All the artwork has a finish with a non colored matt sealer to ensure color pigment and materials will keep its intense color throughout the years.

All paintings can be framed, but since some of them has material such as frabric that pops out from the artwork it is good to know that they can be squeezed in.

Dimensions 30 × 21 cm




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