Size: 80×30 cm
Price: 1500 SEK (appr. $180)
Technique: Mixed Media

Java Cave is inspired from a diving trip I made to Bali a few years ago. We went to a small island between Bali and Java where there were these amazing underwater caves! In one of the cave a very special type of crab lived. When flashing light in the otherwise dark cave, they started to blink like a disco light. It was completely amazing and the experience is a dear memory of mine. This painting is a tribute to that specific cave and the wonders of diving.

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About the Artist

Annie, An Acrylic Art Artist.

Annie, or Anna Helin is an abstract self taught artist based in Stockholm. She has been expressing her creativity in various ways during her whole life and started with acrylic painting in her late 20’s.

She is often inspired by things in her life and paint with an intuitive and mindful approach creating depth in her paintings with several layers of color.

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