Size: 60×50 cm
Price: 2600 SEK (appr $260)
Location: Stockholm

Connection is a the embodyment of the feelings you feel when you meet a new love. The feeling when you, already at first sight, know that this is going to be more than just a crush. You can feel it in you whole body, the electricity, the exitment and the feeling when you ”just know” that this is the one. This is a love declaration. This is Connection.

How will the painting look in your home?

Do you like the painting and are interested of buying but are unsure how it will look in your home? I know that buying art has many aspects to it and can be a tricky process. The painting must feel right in your gut as well as match the colours in the room, have the right size and if you are more then one in the household, everyone needs to like it. It is not always easy to check all of these boxes.

To make this process easier I offer two services to help you along the way:

  1. Hang the painting in your house – If you live in Stockholm I can bring the painting to your house to try it out. Together we can discuss placement and how it fits to your room. This costs 500 kr, and if you buy the painting within 7 days you will get it discounted from the price of the painting.
  2. Borrow a fine print to try it out – For my larger paintings I sell fine prints of the painting in a limited number. If you want to try out the colour scheme of the painting at home you can borrow a fine print in size A3 to place where you want to hang the painting. A fine print costs 500 kr and you are allowed to return the print if it has been handled well.

Does it sound interesting? Send me an email at or fill out the form on this page. I hope we get in touch soon! 🙂

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About the Artist

Annie, An Acrylic Art Artist.

Annie, or Anna Helin is an abstract self taught artist based in Stockholm. She has been expressing her creativity in various ways during her whole life and started with acrylic painting in her late 20’s.

She is often inspired by things in her life and paint with an intuitive and mindful approach creating depth in her paintings with several layers of color.

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